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Mother Blessing

Pregnant Mummas, come on this journey with me…

I sit you down somewhere comfy, making sure you have a cup of tea nearby & are completely free from stress. Your feet slip into a warm foot soak, laced with salts & herbs, ready to be absorbed into your being. The soft sound of music drifts you away to a serene place. You’re completely relaxed. You feel like a goddess.

Gradually the dearest women in your life start to arrive & fill the space. I massage your feet, dry them off, & we sit down together in circle. Here for you. Here to honour & celebrate you.

Over the next few hours we sit together, we breathe together, we laugh, we cry. Your women give you their deepest blessings & you receive a plethora of love like never before. Your journey of pregnancy is celebrated, & the birth portal you’re about to step into is held in reverence. You are honoured with symbolic gifts that connect you to these women & your ancestral lineage as you approach birth & motherhood. These women hold you, massage those ankles, & allow all emotions to be held securely.

We close the circle & allow delicious food & drink to be shared together.

Soon, your women start to leave as you say your goodbyes. And what you’re left with is feeling…


  • An oxytocin high

  • Overflowing love & support in your heart

  • Excited for your upcoming birth

  • A group of women who understand the importance of postpartum support

  • Ready to journey through this Rite of Passage with confidence

Sound good? Sound nicer than being left exhausted after a baby shower where you received 50 onesies & hosted the whole time?

I would love to honour you and the journey you've made growing your baby. And I would love to hold space for you, surrounded by the close women in your life, to feel the love and support as you stand on the precipice between pregnancy and birth.

Investment: $400

This will include all items for the circle I create for you, warming tea, herbal foot bath, red thread, and any items for the craft activity we choose. Depending on the activity, there may be an additional cost, however we'll discuss this when we create your ceremony together. I'll also create a meal train for your community to contribute to.

Mother Blessing Gift Vouchers available if you'd like to give this as a gift instead.

Jane Gould-Dowen doula Bellarine Geelong freebirth homebirth birthkeeper food packages mother blessing
"Jane facilitated a mother blessing for me with some of my nearest and dearest, and it was such a sacred experience, where I was held, nurtured, blessed and totally filled up with love. She created a safe space for not just me, but for everyone sitting in circle with me. Any emotions were accepted and okay, and the tissue box was passed around. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU."

- Kate

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