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My Story

I'm a Mother. 





Being thrust into the throes of motherhood and Matrescence changes people, and that change for me has been inspiring, wild, challenging, and deep. To be honest, it's a continuous journey that doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon, and I'm over four years postpartum!​


After experiencing an empowering positive hospital birth with my first daughter, I became curious as to what other women were experiencing both in their births and their early postpartum periods. That curiosity evolved into a passion that I couldn't shake, and I've been an avid student of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, matrescence, motherhood, women, community, ritual and ceremony ever since. ​


Birthing our second daughter at home completely undisturbed and unassisted truly solidified the power and wisdom of our bodies to me. And while I don't believe freebirthing is a choice that everybody needs to experience, it is my deepest wish that every birthing woman gets to feel their epic power and complete soul rebirth as they journey through this amazing Rite of Passage.​


I'm here in this space to offer support and connection to YOU as the expert of your body and baby. I would love to hold you with warmth and safety when challenges arise. I would love to nourish your body with warming food and drink. And above all, I would love to hold space for you at all times, however you're feeling, to just be. ​


I live up in the outer north eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, with my two daughters and husband. I love the trees, sea, rivers, ice cream, a cozy pub on a winter's day, and watching the weekly episode of Vera together with my hubby.​


If you want to go on this journey with me or even just want to find out more, I'd so love to chat with you to see if I can support you in a way that aligns with you and your needs.​

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