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Oh hey there! Think I might be a great fit for your wedding or next special occasion? Keep reading & you'll find out what makes me tick!

With a background in performing arts & a love for writing, deciding to become a Marriage Celebrant was a bit of a no brainer. Weddings have always given me the major feels & getting to be apart of that makes my job the best in the world!

In addition to celebrating marriages & writing love stories, I have the pleasure of being the Mum to two beautiful girls, & playing Risk with my fabulous husband Kieran here in Melbourne. I'm 100% a young child at heart, with swings, bubbles, fairy bread, balloons, skipping, & plain pasta with cheese bringing me great joy.

I believe that your wedding should be a true representation of you both as a couple, so no two of my weddings are ever the same. This day is about YOU, so I will do everything I can to listen, learn all the nitty gritty about you, & create something that celebrates you as a couple perfectly.

But most importantly...


Photo by Michael Griggs Photography

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